Add an Income Stream by Sharing what you Love

Add an Income Stream by Sharing what you Love


Millionaires have an average of seven income streams, including earned income, royalty income, and interest income. 

Golden Brick Road Publishing House works to help entrepreneurs create extra sources of income and diversify options for making money. As a co-author, you can earn money through royalties and direct book sales, but even if you haven’t joined a co-author program (yet!), you can still make money with GBR by selling books as an affiliate. Affiliate programs are a form of marketing used by many large companies that allows patrons to get involved with a brand they love.Through the GBR affiliate program, you’re able to make money just by sharing what you love — books! Your affiliate link works website-wide, meaning you can share and earn money on any GBR book, not just your own.  GBR wants YOU to be successful, not just in living your dream of becoming a published author and empowered entrepreneur but also in creating extra income. Our affiliate program isn’t something you pay into, and the program’s sole purpose is to give credit where credit is due. Share what you love online, attach your affiliate link, and if people click and purchase, you get paid.

It’s that simple. Just talk, share, and get paid. Where do I sign up!?

As a company, GBR gets it. You don’t have time to create content and graphics. As an affiliate, all you have to do is share what GBR is already creating and just add your own link! With personalized promo codes and links, all purchases linked to you equal commissions and are integrated with auto-tracking to keep you up to date. 

Book ambassadors are also cheerleaders for authors. Remember our previous blog post about supporting local and small business? This is just another way you’re able to get involved with our authors. By becoming a book ambassador, you are championing every author who had a vision and meticulously crafted their books. You’re spreading messages, advocacy stories, and shared lessons that can help individuals and communities. The affiliate program is an energy exchange between a person who has a story to tell and a person who helps spread their message wide.

Join this supportive and ambitious community of authors, entrepreneurs, and book enthusiasts.”Want to know more about the affiliate program? Click HERE!


So you’re an affiliate with GBR? Be sure to share this blog post with your affiliate information! As always, follow us online on Facebook and Instagram at @gbrpublishing. Be the first to find out about awards by subscribing to our newsletter!


Written by Kiki Carr, Blog Curator, Lead Author, and Upcoming Author at Golden Brick Road Publishing House

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