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Interview by GBR editor, Julie, with Kristen Bellamy, author of the new release The Colors of Kindness. 

We are so excited for the upcoming release of The Colors of Kindness written by Kristen Bellamy and illustrated by Michael Vatcher. This bright, joyful book will be a hit with kids and parents, we’re sure. We asked the author, Kristen,to tell us a little about her inspiration for the book and the process of writing it.

1. What inspired you to start writing children's books?

I've had an affinity for writing and storytelling from a young age. Even as a teen and young adult, I was drawn to the writing styles of children's authors, and my fascination grew when I had children of my own. I always encourage creative storytelling with my family, and my writing ideas have stemmed from conversations and stories that we've had together.

2. How was the experience of collaborating with an illustrator?

When I wrote this book, I had a certain vision for the style of the illustrations and I was immediately drawn to the work of Mike Vatcher, my illustrator—I loved that I was so involved in the process and that he was so easy to work withhe really brought my idea to life.

3. What do you hope kid readers and their parents will take away from The Colors of Kindness?

Kindness is the foundation of life and there isn't one simple definition of kindness. The Colors of Kindness teaches kids that there are so many different ways to be kind, and illustrates real life examples of kindness—simple things that kids can do themselves—and is a great way to encourage open discussion between adults and children. 

4. What led you to feature a Panda and a Rainbow in this book?

I really wanted to find a way to visually depict the happiness that you can create just by being kind, and a Rainbow gaining her colors back was the perfect way to help kids visualize this.  Pandas signify friendship, strength, and peace.

Thanks, Kristen, for writing such a fun, beautiful, engaging book!

You can order your copy for the launch, today, on Amazon.


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