Author Spotlight: Jocelyn Hinz & Krysta Lee

Author Spotlight: Jocelyn Hinz & Krysta Lee

Our community of authors span across North America, and even as far as Asia and Australia! We may be in different places and walk different journeys, but we all share one thing in common: we have learned lessons in 2019 and we are taking them into this new decade with renewed energy, bigger goals and dreams, and we’re ready to rock!

Get to know some of our authors and connect with them! All of them are rich with insight, wisdom, and love to share with you.


Jocelyn Hinz – Fitness to Freedom Author

What were your top successes in 2019?

Hosting a sold out women's retreat day, launching our book Fitness to Freedom (and with that being an international best selling author), and feeling more at home in my body and mind than ever before!

What were your top lessons in 2019?

If you don't have control over your calendar someone or something else will, it's okay to say no to the things that feel like a maybe, and honour the seasons and cycles of nature to feel into your deepest alignment.

What are your 3 biggest goals for 2020?

  • Spend 80% of my time outside - hiking, beach days, toes in the grass
  • Read 1 book a month
  • Move my body daily - daily movement = lifeforce energy

What is your favorite part about being a GBR author?

There is nothing quite like holding your book in your hands for the first time and being a published author has created this ripple of success in so many ways.

There are more opportunities to share my work with the world and there is this added layer of confidence, like if I can be a part of an incredible project like this with this line up of ladies then I can do anything and I feel very heard.

It feels like someone pulling out a chair for you to sit at the table too.

Join Jocelyn for a yoga class at Knix in Toronto Jan 25th!



Krysta Lee – upcoming Women Let's Rise Author and Mama's Gotta Work Lead Author

What were your top successes in 2019?

  • Delivered my baby girl Lillee safely at home in a beautiful water lotus-birth.
  • Signed 2 publishing contracts to write books with Golden Brick Road Publishing House.
  • Made a significant dent in paying down old debts.

What was your biggest lesson learned in 2019?

Trust that the Universe always provides!

What are your 3 biggest goals for 2020?

  • Become an award winning, best selling GBR author - complete with book signings, press and tours!
  • Start-up a successful home business so I can work remotely, be with my family, AND make money!
  • Make lucrative investments, pay off all debts, and become financially free to do and give MORE!

What is your favorite part about being a GBR author?

My favourite part of being a GBR author is the incredible community of talented, supportive and genuinely kind women that I am proud to be a part of!



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