Book Review for The Awakening by Jennifer Jayde

book review the awakening

Book Review for The Awakening by Jennifer Jayde


Each week we feature a review for one of our titles, this week we are sharing a review from a literature teacher about The Awakening by Jennifer Jayde

“Jennifer Jayde writes an inspiring book on how to better connect with yourself and those around you. After reading this book, I feel motivated to take on anything that comes my way. This book is well written, engaging, and a pleasure to read!” - Korie Kahn, literature teacher

Tracy Dyer, daughter of author Dr. Wayne Dyer joined Jennifer and wrote the foreword to this book! This book also ranked very well on Amazon on many best seller lists. It has become a favorite within our community of readers.

Copies are available on our website, at Amazon Canada, and Amazon USA, as well as many bookstore website across North America and in Chapters Indigo stores.


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    @Korie Kahn – THANK YOU!!!!

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