Five Tips for a Productive Writing Summer

Five Tips for a Productive Writing Summer


Looking to spend time writing this summer? We have you covered with these five easy steps to getting on track!

Create a writing schedule and stick to it.

Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, setting a writing schedule and time-blocking it in your calendar is instrumental in staying productive. When we put something in our schedules, we are more likely to follow through with our intentions. We’re also less likely to allow other obligations to conflict with our writing priorities.

Still procrastinating and pushing your writing aside? Dear Time, Are You On My Side? puts into perspective the idea that we each have a path we are living and a choice in regards to how we want to live it. If you want to write that book, that manuscript, or that article, take a powerful look at how you are living and what you are prioritizing and ask yourself, “Am I meant for more?”

Location, location, location.

Where you write is just as important as how often you write. As writers, we are creative beings who respond to our environments. Are you inspired by the place in which you write? Does it invoke a sense of flow and expansion? Find a place or space that feels good to you and your writing style, and then go there during your scheduled time.

Get inspired.

Oftentimes, in order to get into the rhythm of writing, we have to find our inspiration. Whether it’s reading, painting, or researching that lights you up, use the tools available to you to find that inspiration and get in a mindset of creative flow. Invite yourself to participate in activities that allow your writing mind to get into the expressive state it needs. I often look to other authors’ stories to energize myself. Whatever works as your muse, use it to your advantage!

Prioritize your writing goal!

I recommend The Awakening to learn more about goal-setting, prioritizing your ambitions, and listening to your intuition. When we prioritize our goals, we actively go after them and treat them with respect. If you want your goal to work for you, you need to work for it. What is your writing goal for this summer? Prioritize it just as you would an important board meeting and then hold yourself accountable by taking the steps toward your desired end result.

Turn off the outside world.

As exciting as our phones can be, with their flashing lights and endorphin-inducing notifications, they are a complete distraction when it comes to tapping into your creativity. Like a dog chasing squirrels, we often let our phones take us away from our goals, our flow, and our priorities. Beat the distraction by putting your phone away during your scheduled writing time so you can get back to the basics.

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Written by Kiki Carr, Blog Curator
Lead Author and Upcoming Author at Golden Brick Road Publishing House

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