Forging Connections in the Writing Community

Forging Connections in the Writing Community

When I began my journey of becoming an author, the biggest barrier I faced was a feeling of isolation. There weren't any people in my community who knew anything about the publishing world, there weren’t meet-ups to attend, and I didn’t know how to get started. I felt alone on an island, overwhelmed at the prospect of starting toward my goals.

Around this time, an acquaintance posted on social media about Golden Brick Road Publishing House, a Toronto-based company with authors from all over the world. Still a bit shy, I watched from afar. I took my time and observed all the great things she had to say about GBR. I was apprehensive and guarded.

Finally, after much procrastination, I reached out and asked about GBR. This conversation changed my trajectory for years to come. My world, which had felt so small, opened up. I now saw endless possibilities for my personal goals, from joining a co-authored book and dipping my toe in the literary world to attending publishing house events and author networking meetings to now leading my own program at GBR.

That very first conversation taught me the value of putting myself out there and getting involved. GBR is more than just a publishing house: it’s a platform for all of us as individuals to grow our goals. You get exactly what you put into it. This is not a hand-holding opportunity, this is a roll-up-your-sleeves-and-dive-in opportunity.

Over the next few months alone, GBR authors (and yes, you as a potential author!) have the chance to join some inspiring co-author programs and to attend several amazing events: Toronto Book Festival, Publicity Workshop, an Author Business Weekend, and a Fall Book Release Party to name a few!

Getting involved, taking the first steps, and working toward your goal doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Before I came across Golden Brick Road Publishing House, I felt like I was alone with unattainable goals; now I know that my goals are limitless if I align myself with the right opportunity.


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Written by Kiki Carr, Blog Curator, Lead Author, and Upcoming Author at Golden Brick Road Publishing House

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