Golden Brick Road is Donating Books

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Golden Brick Road is Donating Books

We started this publishing company to share knowledge, to share people’s truth, and to create a more honest and understanding society. We have always believed in genuine support; be excited when people win, but more so offer unconditional support when they venture, try, and grow. Golden Brick Road is a place without judgement, we teach and constructively critique but judgement has never been welcomed here. We see a brighter future and we will only get there if we keep having the conversation. What better way to do that then through books! 

Philanthropy and social change are true in our nature. We have been a company that has publicly and silently given back locally, internationally, and through emotional and financial support to our community of authors. Some of our endeavours are listed here

We are currently taking part in two (new to us) initiatives we are very honoured to be involved with.

Voices Of Today Youth Poetry Festival

Aug 20-24 2019 / Toronto Media Arts Centre

Golden Brick Road has become an official sponsor of Voice of Today Festival in Toronto, ON each summer. The Voices of Today festival is directed and organized by a committee of youth aged 25 and under. They seek external supports from people over the age of 25, but they are not part of the decision making process. Voices of Today is a festival run FOR youth, BY youth. They have one of the most powerful mandates we have come across - Voice of Today festival mandate.

Golden Brick Road will become a website sponsor to the festival, and is donating books to all participants, and helping out where the festival is in need. We look forward to being a mentor to youth. 

Rockcliffe Park Book Fair, School Fundraiser 

Nov 1-3 2019 / Rockcliffe Park Public School, Ottawa

Golden Brick Road reviewed recently the Rockcliffe Park Book Fair and was amazed to discover the 58 year history. At the 57th annual fundraiser, after expenses, Book Fair 2018 raised $44,000! 

Where does the money go?

Book Fair has been RPPS’ biggest fundraising activity for nearly 60 years. The net proceeds are managed by School Council for:

  • purchasing supplies and arranging activities for literacy programming
  • hosting annual Author & Illustrator Workshops and Grandparents’ Reading Day
  • purchasing new classroom technology
  • funding an educational field trip and an educational workshop for each RPPS class
  • providing a year-end trip for the Grade 6 class
  • creating a subsidy fund for students in need
  • such school enrichments as gardens, soccer field maintenance, etc., and
  • many other projects that enhance the students’ educational and social experience at RPPS

The proceeds from Book Fair flow not only back to RPPS, but also to other area schools in the form of no-strings grants to support their literacy programs and other needful projects.

Do you have a project you think we might like to support? Please don’t hesitate to reach out! 

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