How to Elevate Your Brand with GBR in 2020

How to Elevate Your Brand with GBR in 2020

Hello readers! 

If you are considering where to market yourself in 2020, how to diversify, how to go into a new direction, etc., this might be it.

I have been in advertising and business for almost 17 years now and I have seen a lot of what doesn't work:

  • money spent on ad's that do not have longevity
  • tons of time and money into tradeshows that barely got exposure (been there, done that)
  • and the list goes on…

Book writing has been one of the most lucrative and rewarding things I have ever done. I, too, started as a coauthor, and then went on to invest in my own writing career 7 times over! I built GBR to provide the same opportunity to women and we are thrilled with how much our community has grown in three years!

Read all about our coauthorship program below and connect with us for a no-pressure discovery call to get to know you and your needs and you get to know us. We make sure every person is a perfect fit for each project! 



- 200 printed copies of your book (retail value = the cost of our program)

- free shipping

- royalties from bookstores, affiliate pay from our online bookstore (yes, you end up in the green!)

- professional editing (6 rounds)

- market research

- book design, branding, social media graphics, book press kit

- legal and insurance

- Amazon best seller launch campaign

- 6-month author career mastermind

- a PR course from Niki Inc.

- catalog launch parties and tradeshow booths

- large scale global distribution

- up to 55k views per month through our publisher website and social media channels, with book features and author spotlights

- coauthorship usually reaching an audience up to 500k though the coauthors’ networks

- typically printing and distributing up to 4000 units on launch!

- an ebook too

- literary, magazine, newspaper, influencer, blogger endorsements

- not to mention an amazing and supportive community of like-minded women who collaborate and celebrate each other!  

Our partnership publishing program is an amazing service for you to market yourself, advance your career or business, and to have multiple ways to recoup your time and financial investment into the book! It is something you can get really creative with and promote to grow your audience. When utilized right, I feel it is a great solution for small businesses to get out there!



  1. Dear Money, I Love YouA Woman's Guide to Embracing Wealth, Mastering Finances, and Sharing Abundance
  2. Let's Talk Business: career and business stories, loving your 9-5 or leaving it, the ups and down about business
  3. Fear is a Liar: stories about the struggle we all face, in different scenario's, how to curb it, how to use it, how to thrive in spite of it
  4. More coming soon!





Our team does a discovery call with every person that joins our company so you can ask us all your questions. It is a casual get to know you and you get to know us. We will be working together for a long time, so let's make sure it is a fit!

Book a Discovery Call here:

This is a guided program, full of incredible resources, and you have access to a full staff to support you. We are looking for women who are motivated, self-directed, and want to make an impact together this new decade!

Let's chat for your 2020 plans and let’s thrive together,


GBR Founder


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