How to Work With Your Writing Fears by Cassie Jeans

How to Work With Your Writing Fears by Cassie Jeans

Fear isn't going away but your dreams will if you let the fear get in the way of your writing dreams.

To all the beautiful people who dream of writing a book this one is for you.

Maybe you have written a book and it's fabulous but it's not selling. Maybe you dream of writing something that moves people's hearts and changes lives but the fear of being seen is really tripping you up. Whatever the reason (hidden as excuses) without learning how to navigate the fears the dreams that are in your heart are not going to be given a chance to shine.

Listen, you have what it takes.

Flat out, simple as that. There are no magic pills, there are no "connections" that sign the deal, there are no manifestations that will work without aligned action, there are no perfect writing days. There is only you, your pen or laptop, your words and your desire to do whatever it takes to accomplish what is in your heart to do.

It's self-belief. Every single time I work with an author this is what it boils down to. Often, the most talented writers lack the belief in themselves and no one reads their work because of a fear to claim the title - author - and that fear stops them dead in their tracks.

That doesn't have to be you. Free yourself of these limitations by choosing your thoughts. The next time you hesitate on sharing your work sit with your fear. Face the inner demons. Speak to your fear and thank it for showing you what you really want. What we want is quite often the very thing that stretches us way outside of our comfort zone and also, scares the sh*t out of us. This is a good thing.

If you do this, you will be able to speak to your fear every time is tries to steal what is rightfully yours to see through. No one is going to tell you when it is time to step into your identity. That my luv, is soulfully up to you.

Love and light,

- Cassie Jeans


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