Kiss My Curvy Assets by Lori Mork Interview

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Kiss My Curvy Assets by Lori Mork Interview


Today, April 4th, is the official launch of Kiss My Curvy Assets by Lori Mork! We are celebrating with an Amazon best seller rally to help this book rank #1! It deserves it. We had a quick chat with Lori on how she got to this point with a fun and beautiful book out there in the world to help crush body stigmas, help people to switch their mindset, to love themselves a bit more, to have more sex, to make new friends, and most importantly to stop comparing, instead embrace each of our unique assets and those in other people too!

Here are the questions we thought may be on your mind!

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How did you come up with the title of this book?

I was at a business retreat, explaining the concept of my book. Women taking back control of their body ideals, and just how they feel about their bodies. Fighting the social media and society nonsense, and the clear vision was women being about to shout from the rooftops to “KISS MY A$$”.  Then with the concept of all women having curves, different shapes, sizes and diversity…. I knew the word curvy had to be in there. I also loved thinking about all of your bodies as “assets”.... WORTH. So it just flowed to create “Kiss My Curvy Assets”.

Who did you write this book for? What are some things they may be going through and how does this book help?

I wrote this book for women everywhere, who are lost, confused, scared, mad, sad, and just at odds with their bodies. Nutrition is confusing. Exercise can be often thrown at us as punishment or extremes. Women who are looking in the mirrors throwing unkind words towards it. Women who just want to stop the madness of struggling with their body! I say women a lot. But this book can also be a tool for men struggling with self esteem and rocking their body!!! Also many men have said to me they want to read this book to understand their partner or spouse better. Seeing the struggles she goes through, it would help them to just “get it”.  This book can serve as a tool to help to feel better and be kinder to your body. It can help dispel myths, provide clarity, share of experiences since we are not in this alone, and just come together as women on this BODy ROCKIN MOVEMENT! Stopping the insanity of always being fixated on calories we consume or sweat sessions in the gym to burn off the muffin we ate. This book is for that women that steps on the weight scale every day and allows it to mess with her mind and self worth. This book is for the women who yo-yo and have tried every fad diet out there with success, then unable to maintain it and are feeling like failures. This book is for anyone who has felt less-than in terms of their body, their weight, their shape, their self.

What is your favorite chapter in the book?

Omg - sooooo many!!! I seriously say a different chapter every time I read it again. I find I have different chapters depending on how I am feeling that day. I also find I have different favorties depending on what I am seeing from the clients I coach. For example the last few days there have been a lot of questions about the current fad diets, the struggles, the nonsense. So I find right now my favorite is the breaking up with fad diets. Usually it’s the “Divorce the scale” chapter, since I feel like it is the most powerful in terms of letting go. I love the tribe chapter as well, since I love me a big group of women coming together to support and find happiness. Tomorrow will probably be on to another chapter like Social Media (since that one is also one that I myself read and re-read to remind me to not internalize all that is around me.)

How did you gain the courage to write a book?

It wasn’t about courage, it was about necessity! I had seen sooooo many broken souls from women around me. I am only one person, so my coaching could only reach so many people. I knew I had to create a book that could be affordable, effective, and have a much larger reach.  A book was the only way to spread the message and ensure it became a movement. I knew it was needed to help others stop struggling. So yes I needed to step out of my own ego and just put pen to paper and do it, but I knew a lot of people were relying on me to write it!

This book has received amazing reviews, all 4 stars or higher!; many of the readers say it gave them a self esteem boost. How does that make you feel? What other feedback have you received?

This makes me ugly cry just thinking about this! Lol  Anyone who reads it says the same thing “I NEEDED THIS!” One woman said in parts she was yelling at the book as she read it. Happy screams of course, but just knowing that she wasn’t an alien feeling the way she was. A release of emotions she had been bottling up. I had another person say they flip to the chapters they need on the day they need it. Read and reread them. Using it as a tool day-to-day, especially when slipping back into old mindsets and bad habits. I feel amazing knowing it has reached the women who need it, and continues to get into the hands of those who can appreciate it and feel better about themselves.

Your book has a fun and strong voice to it, what can you suggest to our readers if they are looking to have more fun in their day to day?

Probably another favorite chapter lets go of the word “perfection”. This doesn’t just pertain to perfect bodies. Let go of trying to get it right all the time. Make mistakes, have slip ups, laugh at yourself…. And move on. I seriously think we need to just shake sh*t off more often (I was doing so well not swearing in this interview! lol). Letting go of trying to be good enough in all we do will set you free! Cause guess what!? None of us are perfect. None of our sh*t doesn’t stink. We all have struggles, and the sooner we start voicing and admitting them to other women the quicker we can stop this rat race and have some fun. One of my favorite things to do when I start to take myself and my life too serious is DANCE! Dance my a$$ off. I dance in my livingroom. I car dance in the car. Heck, I shake my booty in the grocery store sometimes. Having fun is also about stopping for a moment and just being silly!

Do you also offer 1on1 or group coaching?

I do one-on-ones only right now. I find with my type of high level coaching, and the unique case by case basis for women, it’s best to have that single and personal attention. I can only take so many clients, as I give top notch service to each… so I may come up with a group coaching in the future. For now I love my one-on-one clients, since I really get the chance to connect with each person, find out what’s making them tick. Find out their struggles, and then formulate a plan to help them rock the sh*t out of their body, and keep those results for LIFE!


Head to Amazon Canada or Amazon USA to help this book climb the charts! 

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this is an unedited interview to hold the integrity of a live interview. Hosted by Golden Brick Road publisher, Ky-Lee Hanson.

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