Six Ways to Up Your Business Game by Becoming a Published Author

Six Ways to Up Your Business Game by Becoming a Published Author


When you become an author, the ripple effect doesn’t end on the day your book hits the shelves. The benefits of being a published author go far beyond seeing your name in print. Did you know that you can leverage your status as a published author to elevate your business platform? Here are six ways that your book can enhance your business and career!

  1. You’re able to get your message out to more people, and attract more clients, faster. You’re in the business of helping people, but it’s physically impossible for you to be everywhere and do everything. A book can be the vessel to help you break through that barrier and reach more people more easily. A book won’t just be read by your immediate network — it will grow and have a ripple effect! You never know whose hands your book will land in, which means that new clients are just around the corner. The sky’s the limit with how far a book can travel.

  2. It gives you a tangible item to promote for your services. So you’re a service-based business and you are constantly struggling with how to enter vendor shows, how to pitch your services to people, and how to make potential clients believe in your offerings. A book can be a powerful tool in situations where just pitching your services won’t cut it. With a book, people can physically touch and hold your services in their hands. This creates a sense of trust that makes people more likely to hire you.

  3. You can leverage speaking opportunities. Instead of spending hours promoting your business one person at a time, getting in front of dozens or hundreds of people allows you to reach a larger audience instantly. By becoming a published author, you’ll have more opportunities to become a speaker. Publishing shows event organizers that you are serious and stand by your word, again creating a sense of trust and elevated purpose. 

  4. It helps you showcase your credibility as a business. We’ve all heard it: “be an expert in your field.” But how do we showcase our hard work and expertise? Once again, establishing trust is key, and publishing can help you get there. When you are a published author, you are showing thousands of people the credibility of your voice, your education, and your experience. And when readers love your written words, this translates to inquiries for your business, too.

  5. You’ll gain passive income through royalties. Books are meant to be in the hands of readers, and this means sales! Not only do you benefit from the book as a means to promote your business, but you can also generate a business income stream for through book royalties.

  6. It’s a marketing tool to direct traffic to your website. Your book is full of your knowledge and important messages, and it’s also full of your business information. You can incorporate your business contact information and lead-generating prompts and send traffic where you want them to go! A book can be a jumping off point to send your readers on a trail of breadcrumbs to all of your amazing offerings. It doesn’t just end when the last page is turned.

Books are a powerful tool to help spread your message further and grow your business more effortlessly. Ready to take the plunge into authorship? GBR has several ongoing co-author programs and has numerous events open for registration!


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Written by Kiki Carr, Blog Curator Lead Author and Upcoming Author at Golden Brick Road Publishing House

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