Three Tips to Help With Writer's Block by Cassie Jeans

Three Tips to Help With Writer's Block by Cassie Jeans

How to Stay in the Writing Flow

You know when you set aside time to write, you sit down and then nothing flows out of you. Have you ever found the scheduled time can sometimes be on the less creative side? I have found that as well and have found that when I do these three things I am able to move with a wiring block instead of getting frustrated with it. In other words, gone are the days of the angry, frustrated writer. It’s time to embrace the fun and joy of creating something beautiful.

This post is for those who like to flow with their creative energy instead of force it. This is also for those that can see that a little structure wouldn’t be the worst thing about staying in flow with their craft.

  1. Make a choice. This can be one of the best ways to flow with writer’s block. Make a choice to show up for your writing no matter what. If you are writing your book this year figure out how many words a day you have to be putting down on paper in order to accomplish this goal. At GBR, we have some incredible resources for planning out your book that all our authors get access to. These tools make a difference and if you aren’t currently choosing to show up every day no matter what or have a plan and direction for your writing it will be so easy to avoid the writing process altogether and call it a “block.” 

  2. Move around. Stagnant energy builds up when you’re sitting at your computer or staring at your phone for hours throughout the day. Move around, get outside, plan creative-dance-breaks, clean something, anything that actually gets your mind off of what you are writing about. Creativity needs the freedom to feel it’s way out of you. Sitting for too long isn’t exploring and writing blocks get worse the longer you force them. Play with the writing block, this will take the pressure off completely. 

  3. Write out the block. Let me explain. Treat a writing block like a journal entry. When you sit down and stare at the screen and nothing is coming out ask with your words, why am I feeling blocked right now? Am I distracted? What am I thinking about? What do I need right now? What would be the kindest thing I could do at this moment? Do I need to move around? Do I need nourishment? When was the last time I had fun? Writing is a part of your life, and life is a part of your writing.

Give these a go next time you feel like the writing block is going to derail your creativity. Trust that everything is there for you always. Sometimes, we have to release something before we can create the work we dream about. 

Sending lots of creative energy your way,

- Cassie Jeans

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