Three Tips you’ve Never Heard, to Improve your Author Brand

Three Tips you’ve Never Heard, to Improve your Author Brand


So you’re a current author or an aspiring author, and you’re looking to solidify your work into a personal brand. Here are three powerful tips to keep in mind whether you are starting out, or you’ve been in his game for years. Print them out, write them down, remember them, and put them to practice! Get your book into readers hands.

Why will people believe your writing?

This is always a tough one to hear! Although you want to say “because I put my heart and soul into this and I worked so hard on it,'' there's much more to creating a brand that people trust. The way you present your author brand (online, in person, in print) should be infused with why readers should believe you. Is it your education? Is it your experience? Is it your extensive personal development? Use this information as part of your brand and the way you present yourself to your audience.

What is your Writing Voice?

The way you write is as much a part of your brand as your colour palette. In the days where everyone has a brand, and assume that all it means is a logo and colour choices, your writing voice is an extension of your business persona. Is your voice poetic, dark and dramatic or hilariously satirical? Know your voice, understand it and see it embodied in the rest of your visual brand. What does your marketing look like, does it match your voice? This helps the audience and readers know what they are trusting before they even pick up your book. They will want to buy, knowing what voice is inviting them in.

Are you Truly Consistent?

Okay, so you’ve heard this one probably once or twice before… but what does it mean, really? It means everything has to flow, to create a subconscious trust in your audience. There’s that word again, trust. If someone lands on your Facebook Page and sees beautiful photos and a clear understanding of your author voice, story and journey. But then they travel to your LinkedIn page and see broken links, grainy photos and absolutely no information about you as an author (nor your books) - it creates subconscious doubt in their mind. Then they decide to try a bit more and navigate to your website and click on your “buy my book” section (if you even have one). But there is no information about what the book synopsys is or what to expect, and the writing on your website is not in the same voice as your Facebook Page and they question “is this the same author?”…unfortunately in a instant-gratifying digital age of scrolling, this will most likely mean you’ll lose their interest and they’ll go back to Instagram to look at photos of cats. Every click, every upload, and every word you type is important. You don’t have to be on every social media channel, but if you are: be consistent. Know your brand voice, know how to explain to the audience why your writing is trustworthy, and continue through every piece of marketing that has your name on it.


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Written by Kiki Carr, Author at Golden Brick Road Publishing House

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