We Started a Blog: A note from the Publisher

We Started a Blog: A note from the Publisher

Welcome to our blog!

We are primarily a women's collective. We help seasoned authors and "one-day-i'll-be-an-author" author's come together and be a part of something meaningful. We help women to lead with their purpose and to stand beside their business and passions instead of hide behind or from them.


We work with men too. Men that are feminists which is quite simple - they look at us as equal (and sometimes superior - I joke - in a few aspects of life). Women have a way about them in business to lead for change, to listen and understand, to feel empathy. We help women to own these special communication skills instead of letting these skills bog them down. We need to put ourselves first, know our worth and speak our truth. Unfortunately, our society has not let women, or men, do this in the past. We had specific roles, and don't get me wrong, some people are better at specific things than others and why not own that but we each deserve to decide that for ourselves; I will not have my life dictated or delegated to me. Why would you?

Our collective of authors have developed amazing books and are working on programs and courses for you to enrol in to learn directly WITH them. We can walk side by side on our individual journeys. This blog will serve as a place you can get to know each author a little bit better and have some YOU time. Spread those wings!

The focuses of this blog will be:

- transformation

- women's issues

- writing, publishing

- self confidence

- business

- specializations of the authors

- how to read more from them

- how to connect directly with them

Please feel free to subscribe below to the blog, you will receive an email once or twice a week full of rich content to help you in business and life!

books: Amazon Canada | Amazon USA


Ky-Lee Hanson is a business creationist and mentor in creating momentum. She helps people to become honest with where they are in life so they can use their skills and strengthen their opportunities to get moving on their golden brick road. We look at the obstacles in life and work through them, growing stronger as we do. Ky-Lee has a way about her to get the spark ignited. She is a creative mind focused on developing opportunities for others.
Ky-Lee is the owner of Golden Brick Road Publishing House and GBR Agency. You can reach her through the contact form on this website. She offers consultations, writing and business coaching, publishing and marketing, and welcomes you with open arms into her community. She will connect you with many people you need on this journey.

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