What Does it Mean to be an Author at GBR?

What Does it Mean to be an Author at GBR?

So, what
does it mean to be a GBR author?

Golden Brick Road Publishing House stands proudly in the way it operates, giving freedom and power for authors to decide what kind of platform they want to create. Some authors love to go on book tours, some love staying local, some organize workshops and events, some build a presence online, whereas others prefer to enter trade shows (and everything in between). What a book allows them to do, is create a physical product representing an author’s passion and using that to elevate their personal and career goals.

Being a GBR author means you are also joining a community full of ambitious people who create success through collaborative, supportive, and accountable environments all over the world. They individually and collectively grow and diversify their careers within the subjects of health and wellness, sociology, women's studies, business, and personal development. Being a GBR author also means being supported by an award winning publishing house with books available in bookstores across North America, who encourages gender and cultural equality while embracing diversity.

What is a day in the life of an author?

Speaking for myself as a soon-to-be published author with GBR, and a current lead author with GBR for She’s No Longer Silent (which has a few spots open if you would like to start as a co-author with us, click here), my daily life comprises writing, planning, researching, and managing. I am in planning mode for my book tour and thrilled to become an official published author with Golden Brick Road Publishing House! Although the writing portion is complete for the first book, and will publish this fall, the life of an author also means managing pre-launch, launch, and post launch marketing. Our books are our products and we are here to get our voices heard across as many avenues as possible. Research come into play for writing books as well as marketing ourselves and discovering the best ways to do so. Partnering with GBR means you do not do this alone, and GBR doesn’t do it all for you. It is teamwork between the publishing team and authors. As a coauthor in a book, the team is larger.

The trick to being a successful author is creating efficiency in your daily life. Setting aside writing time, planning time, research time, and then managing all of it. What I find works for me, is time blocking creative time vs. productivity time. Although as authors and writers, we rarely operate under the 9 to 5 format, creating stability and accountability for yourself through week-day routines can help increase your productivity toward your career goals.

What’s your trick as an author? What tips do you have that could help others toward their targets? If you’re a GBR author, we want to see you in action! Use the hashtag #GBRauthorlife and tag @gbrpublishing to let us know about the adventures you’re on, and so we can share and celebrate them!

How do I get started?

So you’re reading this and you’ve always had a secret dream to become a published author, but you don’t know where to start? That’s the beauty of GBR! They have programs specifically created to allow people to become authors with their own vision and story, but may need some help getting to the finished product. To find out more about the available GBR programs (and find the one that speaks to you!) click here: https://www.gbrsociety.com/programs

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Photo credited to @lolalifefitness from the 2019 GBR Anniversary Party! See you in 2020!


Written by Kiki Carr, Blog Curator
Lead Author and Upcoming Author at Golden Brick Road Publishing House

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