What it takes for a Book to Win an Award

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What it takes for a Book to Win an Award

When our authors win awards, we all rejoice and grow together. GBR’s mission has always been to nurture and empower leaders for social change because empowered leaders then go on to inspire entire communities. When we see books or authors excel and get recognized for their work, the growing GBR family celebrates the win alongside them. This month has been no exception, and we are so excited to announce that not just one but two GBR books have recently won an award!

Dear Time, Are You On My Side? and On Her Plate have both won the Canadian Excellence Award. They are now part of the Book Excellence Community in the Anthology and Women’s Health categories, respectively. Hundreds of entries from around the world were submitted for this award, and these GBR books, along with every single co-author, were selected for their high-quality writing, design, and market appeal. These awards are a testament to the front-line work of the amazing co-authors who poured their love onto the pages, as well as to the behind-the-scenes work of our editors, proofreaders, designers, lead authors, and the entire GBR team.

For a book to come together through the creation of a fluid, cohesive voice, it takes so much more than just words. It involves a team that is seen and unseen. It’s late nights evolving your thoughts, it’s creative brainstorming sessions, it’s connection with editors and authors in different time zones and countries. When such a book win awards, every single person who contributed had a part to play in that success.

We want to congratulate all the co-authors and thank them for trusting GBR and our team. If you’ve always wanted to become a published author but don’t know where to start, check out our current programs by clicking HERE.


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Written by Kiki Carr, Blog Curator
Lead Author and Upcoming Author at Golden Brick Road Publishing House

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