On Her Plate

On Her Plate

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By Ky-Lee Hanson & The Women's Wellness Warriors

Plant-based recipes, life stories, and natural health sciences to align mind, body, and earth.

On Her Plate introduces a conscious way of thinking about the human and earth connection; What properties can be found in nature and how closely does the human body interact with them? What are we doing that counteracts the natural balance of our body and planet? We explain what vitamin and mineral deficiencies look and feel like; What makes up the human body and how do we properly replenish? With recipes, nutritional science, and advice, learn from many perspectives; Our authors are retired nurses, nutritionists, biology majors, personal trainers, and every day women. 

This book explores exercise regimens, common obstacles women face, and female hormonal issues and cancers. Dive into how mindset, busyness, and confidence–or lack thereof, is steering our eating habits.

On Her Plate shares true health experiences, paired with familiar, yummy, nutrient dense recipes such as soups, pasta, and chocolate chip muffins, but wait! In an effort to reduce added hormones in the diet, no dairy, eggs, or animal byproducts were used, and gluten-free options are provided. We offer solutions to fill your plate with color, variety being key, without drastic changes to the everyday lifestyle, while keeping meals delicious and filling!

Full color interior, 288 pages


“Ladies - On Her Plate is an intelligent, insightful and practical primer for making healthy choices a part your daily life. From nutrition to exercise to mindfulness and easy recipes, this book will help you get in touch with what your body, mind, and soul need to thrive!” - Sonia Jhas​, Author | Ambassador Mental Health Association | ig: @soniajhas

“On Her Plate is full of powerful examples of women that took matters into their own hands. It’s educational but provides something that most nutrition texts don’t: hope. There is no doubt that if these women can affect such amazing change on their lives and health, that we can too.” - Stephanie Davis​, Author “Her Art Of Surrender” | Health Coach

“I devoured it! I read every page and feel like I’m wearing a new suit of armor with all the information I learned. On Her Plate gave me healthy tips on what foods to buy, the where and why I buy these foods, listening to my families behaviors and symptoms when it comes to the foods we eat, and most importantly loving my perfectly imperfect self.” - Trina Timms Denson​, Former NIKE Event Planner

“On Her Plate is full of wisdom and heartfelt stories from women who have made holistic nutrition their life crusade. Full of sage advice, they give us hope to navigate the corrupt world of industrial food, big agra and big pharma, and inspire us to take control of our own health destiny.” - Shannon Nering​, Author | Registered Holistic Nutritionist

“On Her Plate not only inspires engaging conversations around the delight of cooking for health and sustainability, but is also an empowering insight into womanhood: the wonders of creating, the pleasure of time spent in the honest pursuit of tradition and nourishment of our bodies, and those of our family. I look forward to trying out these ‘recipes for life.’” - Eartha Lowe​ | Chef ig: @earthacooks | www.earthacooks.com

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