Divine Birth
Book cover for the book Devine Birth, Written by Suzzie Vehrs  Illustrated by Regan Howard & Jessica Deaken
Divine Birth

Divine Birth

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Written by Suzzie Vehrs

Illustrated by Regan Howard & Jessica Deaken

Birth has the potential to be the most transformative journey in a woman’s life.

The moment a child is conceived in a woman’s heart, the world is forever changed.

What if through birth, mothers around the world connected to their infinite value, immense power, and let go of every limitation and thought of self-doubt that has ever held them back?

As you turn on your creative juices to color your experience into the hand-drawn pictures in this book, you unleash that part of you that is no longer held captive by fear and you see that you can create beauty and bring a sense of magic and sacredness into your pregnancy and birthing experience.

The pictures can be strung together to make a banner, or hung on the wall to remind you of your power as you birth your baby.

 Author Bio

Suzzie Vehrs is a mother, writer, economist, and birth educator. The loss of her first pregnancy and the traumatic experience with the birth of her first child left her shattered. However, her path to healing and reclaiming her life led her to uncover and rediscover beautiful truths about motherhood, life, and birth that had long been hidden to her and have made the journey all worthwhile. She teaches mothers how to embark on a powerful journey of self-discovery through pregnancy and birth in authentic ways that serve each person’s unique needs. Every woman is capable of birthing not just a baby with a measurable pulse, but a life that pulses with vibrance and beauty at at the same time..

To connect with Suzzie, download free pregnancy affirmations or find out more about her birth preparation class visit moregigglingmoments.com or follow her on instagram @moregigglingmoments


motherhood | coloring book | self-discovery

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