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Her Art of Surrender (first edition, limited stock discontinued)

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Her Art Of Surrender is a collection of stories. Stories written from women all over the world with a variety of different backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences. Many of us have never even met in person yet we were all drawn together by a single word. Surrender.

Not to be taken lightly, this book is not about giving up, waving a white flag on our lives, and handing our power over. Quite the contrary.

This book is about the power of surrender. When we let go, what are we left with?

Beneath the surface of each of these women’s lives runs a current of electricity, vibration, and spirit. This reservoir is available every time we create space in our life for our calling, for our voice, for our art, for our health, for the sovereignty of our life. The space comes from the act of surrendering that which no longer serves us, that which we cannot control, and that which demeans or keeps us small in any area of our life.

As you read these stories, allow yourself to feel them. Allow yourself to see your own life in their words.

 *this book is a first edition



"If a copy of Her Art of Surrender has found its way into your hands, trust me when I tell you it was not by chance. This is fate. With each story found in the pages of this book will come into a deeper understanding of the way we are all connected on a soul level. You see, we were never meant to be strangers living our separate lives. We were never meant to share only the beautiful moments. We were never meant to carry the fear, the burden or heartache of struggle alone. We are a sisterhood and it is our time to rise together through the empowering art of surrender. This book is a gift to the world and an invitation to women throughout the Universe to embrace their stories and embark on the greatest journey of all. The journey of surrender. So, lovely one, go ahead...open the book, your world is about to change." ~ Arielle Coree

"With every page I turned my soul was nourished more and more. Each chapter containing it’s own powerful story, and yet I could see and feel myself in all of them. How freeing to know you’re not alone in how you feel, especially in the most tumultuous of times, and to see example after example that powerful healing is on the way. As a recovering perfectionist and control queen I can honestly say that surrender has been the most life altering journey I’ve ever embarked upon, and “Her Art of Surrender” beautifully escorts you further down your own path, regardless of where you’re at right now. A brilliant book I already know I will be sharing with anyone and everyone I know...” ~ Jennifer Jayde - International best selling author | speaker | spiritual teacher - Victoria BC + San Diego CA

“We all possess the desire to create our own destinies. But have you ever wondered what it would be like if you just let go? The stories in, Her Art of Surrender, show the beauty of what happens when you surrender to the flow of the Universe and let destiny take its course.” ~ Jasmine June-Cabanaw - Author | Publisher

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