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Evie and Liam are two ordinary kids who live in an ordinary home inside an ordinary town. They go to ordinary school and play with all their ordinary friends. They live ordinary lives with their ordinary mother. However, they are beginning to notice that maybe their family really isn’t so ordinary. At school, Evie and Liam are asked to do a project on a day in the life of their dad, but with only their mother at home, how will they complete it?

Written by Alanna Sanford and Erin Montgomery

Alanna Sanford has been a single mother to five children since 2015. After divorcing her addicted husband, she found a fire within her to make something great of her life. Although she spends the majority of her time ensuring the kids needs are met, Alanna has a passion for continuing education. After a fifteen year hiatus from university, she went back part-time in 2016 to work towards her bachelor of arts, she completed in 2019. Alanna is pursuing an education in real estate, with hopes to help women in need find proper living accommodation.
She is a dance teacher for a well-known studio in Ontario, where her daughter and twins dance––competitively. As a believer in mastery, Alanna strongly encourages her children to pursue their dreams and will continue to provide them with opportunity. Her divorce has taught her the importance of persistence and putting hard work into dreams to turn them into reality. Even though she is a busy mother, she is learning to make time for herself and practice self-care through exercise, proper nutrition, and maybe a couple cups of coffee. Alanna lives in Waterdown with her children; Jaidyn (11), Kristian (8), Greyson (7), Ryan (5), & Briar (5).

Erin Montgomery is a journalism graduate with over ten years of writing experience. Over the years, Erin has developed her skills to include Public Relations, social media advertising and marketing, media relations, and web design. Erin is also the editor and founder of Flourish Magazine, which is a quarterly magazine written for moms, by moms. Flourish is all about real talk, no expert advice. Erin is a single mom to three little ones and resides just outside of Hamilton, Ontario.


Publishing date: March 21, 2021—Single Parent’s Day

Paperback ISBN: 9781989819029

E-book ISBN: 


Trim size: 8 x 10

Page count: 32

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