Mama's Gotta Work (pre-order)
Mama's Gotta Work (pre-order)
Mama's Gotta Work (pre-order)
Mama's Gotta Work (pre-order)
Mama's Gotta Work (pre-order)
Mama's Gotta Work (pre-order)

Mama's Gotta Work (pre-order)

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This title is in pre-order and will ship Fall 2020.

Mama's Gotta Work: Stories and Survival Hacks from Real-Life Working Moms on Conscious Parenting, Career Success, and True Fulfillment

This book was written by working moms, for working moms. Becoming a mama has a plethora of challenges on its own, and it can be exhausting, even on the best of days. When it comes time to go “back to work,” what additional challenges might mom expect? Is it possible to implement conscious parenting while simultaneously achieving career success and also discovering true fulfillment in life? What sort of new learning curves may she face mentally, emotionally, physically, and even spiritually? How might she handle uncharted territory with her family, child(ren), partner, caregiver, colleagues, and the rest of the world in general? How might she adapt to the social status change to 'mom' in the public world, while still maintaining the most important role of mom at home in private? Let's get real and start the conversation.

Navigating these waters doesn't have to be so scary, and no mama is ever alone. We as mothers are here to support one another, and lift each other up by sharing our personal trials and triumphs. It takes a village, and it's time for working moms all over the world to feel a sense of unity, positive reinforcement, community and belonging. All moms deserve the access to wisdom from those who have walked the path before her—no matter how many children she has, what ages they are, whatever mom's age may be, or however long-after mama's gotta go back to work. The goal of this book is to uplift as many moms as possible, from all walks of life, and to better prepare them for what's to come as they embark on the transition between home life and work life. It provides an abundance of hope and inspiration to moms everywhere, that if we can do it, so can YOU!!

Foreword written by Workin’ Moms creator, executive producer, writer, and star of the television comedy series, Catherine Reitman.

Coauthors: Krysta Lee | Andie Mack | Charleyne Oulton | Elizabeth Meekes | Erin Montgomery | Laura Morris | Lisa Evans | Marcia Miatke | Mary Ann Masesar | Michelle Emmick | Nanci Lozano | Sally Lovelock | Sharon Hughes-Geekie | Stephanie Card | Teresa Nocita

Krysta Lee; actor. Amanda Drexler; travel agency owner. Andie Mack; marketing. Charleyne Oulton; R.C.N. member. Domenica Orlando; educator. Elizabeth Meekes; podcast host. Erin Montgomery; Flourish Magazine. Laura Morris; educator. Lisa Evans; Chickadee Family Cafe. Marcia Miatke; podcast host. Mary Ann Masesar Blair; Higher Level Fitness. Melissa Killeleagh; podcast host. Michelle Emmick; MyCoachMD. Nanci Lozano; figure competitor. Pina Crispo; Chic Mamma. Sally Lovelock; educator. Sharlene Rochard; actress. Sharon Hughes-Geekie; writer. Stephanie Card; baker. Teresa Nocita; vocal coach.

Publishing date: September 8, 2020—International Literacy Day. To raise awareness and concern for literacy problems that exist within our own local communities as well as globally. International Literacy Day was founded by proclamation of The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, or UNESCO, in 1966 “to remind the public of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights.”

Paperback ISBN: 9781988736938

E-book ISBN: 9781988736945

Page count: 248

Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5

Shipping from within Canada and the USA. 



“Insightful advice for all moms out there! Raising a kid is never going to be perfect, and this book reminds you that you're still amazing, and are accomplishing so much on a daily basis.”

-Jessalyn Wanlim, Actor on Workin’ Moms | @jessalynwanlim

“I found reading this book SO helpful. There’s no manual for being a mom in 2020, with the obligations of owning a business or for any mom who works really, there’s a lot of guilt and exhaustion. I especially enjoyed the chapters on ‘Mindful Parenting’ with the discussion around raising whole kids so we avoid broken adults, that hit home for me! I want to raise whole kids!”

- Niki Papaioannou, Publicist, Business Owner | @nikiincto |

“A wonderful grouping of personal essays by fellow working moms, Mama’s Gotta Work has a positive and encouraging message for women returning to the workforce after babiesand for those who never left. A must-read for all moms!”

- Shelley Ross, Mother of two, Owner of The Qualicum Toy Shop, Qualicum BC |

“I wish there was a book like this around when I had my two boys. It is so important that women support each other and share their stories so that we can parent without guilt, and be open to how others choose to parent. There isn’t a ‘one fits all’ approach to being a mom. It is personal, and I love that this book shares different stories and approaches to being a working mama. So much respect and love for the women in these pages.”

-Helen Tansey, Photographer |

Mama’s Gotta Work is a must-read for all working moms. This book has heartfelt, inspiring stories with practical knowledge and tools that will help you overcome the challenges of a busy schedule, manage mom-guilt, and find the emotional strength we have to acquire so we can be the best version of ourselves for our kids while we kick ass in our careers. Reading this book helped validate the feelings I’ve had for years, and made me feel less alone in my struggle with managing my career and being a present and conscious parent for my daughter. This book gives me hope that mother’s will rise, feel empowered, and overcome any obstacle that is placed in front of them.”

-Christina Whiteley, Speaker, Author, Social Marketing Expert | @thechristinawhiteley |

“They say 'life doesn't come with a manual—it comes with mother' . . . well Mama's Gotta Work! is pretty darn close to being that manual. It is a refreshing take on the narrative joys, responsibility, selflessness, and 'am I doing this right?' that comes with being part of the most fulfilling, important, and transformative club in the world—Motherhood.”

-Stacy-Ann Buchanan, Actress, Filmmaker, TEDx Speaker, Mental Health Advocate | IG: @stacyannbuchanan

Mama's Gotta Work is a must have for your bookshelf! Right from the intro, I knew this would be a book that will unite mama's together to share in the joys, sadness, milestones, and hardships of being a Mama. Many of my friends refer to me as ‘Supermom,’ so I especially resonated with Chapter Four: How Super Moms Really Do It All! Do yourself a favor and grab yourself a copy of this book. It will bring you through all the emotions, and give you a few Mom hacks to add to your tool box!”

-Steph Clark, Makeup Artist, Personal Branding Coach, Author 

IG: @stephkmua | FB: @justwearthelipstick

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