She's No Longer Silent (pre-order)
She's No Longer Silent (pre-order)
She's No Longer Silent (pre-order)

She's No Longer Silent (pre-order)

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She's No Longer Silent: Healing after Mental Health Trauma, Sexual Abuse, and Experiencing Injustice

What does it mean to be silent or silenced? What does it mean to create personal power and speak up for the first time? Have you ever felt restricted when you wanted to express your point of view or emotions? Has someone or something caused you to feel shame, worry, anxiety, or depression? Have you been thinking, should I . . . ? Sometimes it seems easier to hold it in for fear of judgement, but maybe it is finally time to open up.

When we hold space for one another, we create a platform to speak up and converse about mental health, injustice, trauma, and being silenced—the lessons shared within these pages come with surprising gratitude.

She’s No Longer Silent is a collection of stories written by women who have found their strength and reclaimed their voices by overcoming trauma and tuning into their intuition. Explore the raw and honest experiences of women who wish to assist you in discovering the unimaginable strength and courage within you. It is time to escape your turmoil and take back your life.


Coauthors: Kiki Carr | Charleyne Oulton | Mlle Elizabeth Ann | Kady Romagnuolo | Cas Noyes | Violaine Pigeon | Lindsay Whitham | Katryna Rose| Sasha Rose | Whitney Stout | Stephanie Reid | Mandy Karpoff | Nicole Thomas | Nicole Taylor Eby | Angel Kibble | Eldyka Simpson | Lori Williamson


Kiki Carr; writer/entrepreneur. Charleyne Oulton; R.C.N. member. Mlle Elizabeth Ann; educator. Kady Romagnuolo; mindset/performance coach. Cassaundra Noyes; educator/photographer. Violaine Pigeon; fitness competitor. Lindsay Whitham; entrepreneur. Katryna Rose; writer. Whitney Stout; legal aid attorney. Stephanie Reid; mental health survivor. Sasha Rose; entrepreneur. Mandy Karpoff; mental health survivor. Nicole Thomas; yoga educator. Nicole Taylor Eby; military career woman. Angel Kibble; military veteran. Eldyka Simpson; healer/entrepreneur. Lori Williamson; grief recovery specialist.


Paperback ISBN: 9781988736754

E-book ISBN: 9781988736952

Page count: 208

Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5

Disclaimer: Adult content and potentially triggering material. 


Shipping from within Canada and the USA.

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