Kiss My Curvy Assets

Kiss My Curvy Assets

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Kiss My Curvy Assets: 

Embrace, Accept, Highlight, And Rock The Sh*t Out Of Your Body!


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Kiss My Curvy Assets takes a blunt approach towards crushing body image stigmas and helps women embrace their badassery. This is not your average health, fitness, or wellness self-help book. It is witty, sassy, full on laugh-your-ass-off humor meets raw, empowering, tangible, results-driven coaching — all in one.
As a fitness and wellness coach with almost three decades of experience specializing in mindset and hormone health, Lori shows us:
* The calories you consume do not equal your self-worth
* Happiness and self-esteem play a huge role in achieving goals (more so than the bathroom scale or overtraining yourself)
* We should be embracing our unique assets instead of battling with, changing or transforming them
* You are hot AF regardless of what is happening on social media or within society
This book helps you to feel strong and healthy from the inside-out. Let's put down the waist trainers and magic fitness pixie dust! Girl, it is time to rock the sh!t out of your body - every curve and asset!
Join Lori on a journey of crushing internal demons, dispelling diet and fitness fads, smashing scales, and ending negative self-talk with your body. Learn to supercharge your hormone health and orgasms! Buckle up - it's gonna be an enlightening and exhilarating ride!


Written by Lori Mork.


Lori Mork is an expert in the field of health and wellness, mindset, body positivity, and helping women create sustainable fitness. She is a fierce and dynamic author, speaker, former fitness champion, reformed dieting-junkie, and kick-ass coach to thousands of women worldwide.
When she isn’t helping women crush their wellness goals or rock the shit out of their bodies, Lori spends her free time with her two children, her two dogs, and bottles of pinot grigio (#moderation).

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