Growing Upward (preorder Summer 2022)

Growing Upward (preorder Summer 2022)

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Growing Upward: A Guide to Discovering Your Greatness (and Owning Your Life)

Growing Upward is a toolbox of life lessons that author Natalie Zombeck wishes she’d had when she was navigating the tough teenage years. This simple guide is an introduction to personal growth; it’s full of stories, tips, and activities to help build smart habits and a mindset that will lead to creating the life you want to live! 

Personal growth will help you discover your inner greatness. But it takes work! With these tips, you will explore big, important questions, and you will also investigate some tricky, not-so-fun things—like self-limiting beliefs! These are negative feelings like fear and anxiety that creep into your mind when you are about to try something new. They can also take the form of self-doubts and feelings of not being enough. But you are going to conquer those fears and self-limiting beliefs and rise above them!

Written by Natalie Zombeck

Natalie Zombeck is passionate about elevating and empowering the next generation. She has been a leader and influencer across various arts disciplines and has taught in elementary schools for over 15 years. When she was first introduced to personal growth, she used her strengths in a new way and started a business that has now expanded around the globe. She works with all ages, guiding them to believe in their strengths and explore their own power of inspiration and influence. She believes that through empowerment and personal growth, you can discover and live your potential, leading to a life of purpose and joy. Natalie hopes that Growing Upward can fan a flame—or perhaps a spark—that’s already inside you. She is a wife to Jon and mom to Cole and Gage.

Publishing Date: August 12, 2022

ISBN Paperback: 9781989819333

ISBN Ebook: 9781989819340

Trim Size: 5 x 8

Page Count: 220

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Keywords: Personal Growth, Empowerment for Teens & Youth, Growth Guide, Rise Above, Future Focused, Step Up Into Greatness, Discover Potential

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