Sparks From The Heart (pre-order)

Sparks From The Heart (pre-order)

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Sparks From The Heart: A Philosophical Journey of the Soul's Incarnation into Your Subtle Heart

This story is a weaving of threads. It is the story of my spiritual awakening into a life of healership: a story of Alzheimer's disease, an epidemic of our time, told from the vantage point of the soul. At twenty-three years old, I experienced a shift in consciousness that propelled my life onto a new trajectory, one that expanded my vision from the material world into the world of energy, the subtle, and how these forces move naturally through the architecture of the human being. Illness happens when we move away from the truth of who we really are. It is not personal to this lifetime: it’s bigger than that. Each and every experience that we receive, good or bad, teaches us, expands us, allows us to break through limitations and learn more about the fabric of our essence. So if Alzheimers is a disease of forgetting, what is it that we as a collective species are trying so deeply to remember? Alzheimer's disease is a doorway to remembering, a doorway to reconnecting to the fabric of each other so that when it is our time to go, there will be nothing left for us to leave behind. We are all capable of this journey. And the journey begins with the first spark from the heart. We are reaching a breaking point in the awakening of human consciousness on this planet and it’s time to look at illness from a different perspective. It’s time to take ownership and to more deeply understand so that we can move forward into a humanity that sees more clearly, feels more deeply, and creates more sustainably. A humanity that knows.

Written by: Marnie O'Farrell

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