The Power Yoga Handbook (preorder Summer 2022)

The Power Yoga Handbook (preorder Summer 2022)

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The Power Yoga Handbook: A Modern Approach to an Ancient Practice

In a time where there is so much choice and noise all around us, The Power Yoga Handbook is a reminder of the power of simplicity. It is a guide to creating an accessible and sustainable lifelong practice. Whether you are new to the ancient practice of yoga or an advanced practitioner, The Power Yoga Handbook meets you where you are and provides you with the tools to make the practice your own. Discover the practice that is already within you.

Written by Kinndli McCollum Foreword by Pauline Caballero

Kinndli is the co-founder of Power Yoga Collective and Power Yoga Canada group of studios. She has been living yoga and leading yoga worldwide for over 25 years. Kinndli, true to her name, is a kindred spirit and has helped light a spark in thousands of individuals, encouraging them to find their passion in life through her dynamic and comprehensive yoga teacher training programs. You can find Kinndli hiking through the nature trails in Oakville, Ontario where she lives, raises her son, and teaches hot power yoga at her local studio.

Pauline Caballero is the author of PIVOT: Change Isn’t Coming, It’s Here, and the co-founder of Power Yoga Collective and Power Yoga Canada group of studios. She is passionate about raising her boys and strengthening her relationship with her husband. Some days, you will find Pauline working as an executive and other days, stretching her entrepreneurial spirit. Pauline wears multiple hats and is never quite sure where each new day will take her!

Publishing Date: August 22, 2022

ISBN Paperback: 9781989819371

ISBN Ebook: 9781989819388

Trim Size:  8.5x8.5

Page Count: 220

Shipping from within Canada and the USA.

Keywords: Power Yoga, yoga, Mindfulness, wellness, meditation, yoga, fitness, exercise, beginners, movement, all levels, healthy lifestyle, spiritual

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