About Us


Here at Golden Brick Road, we believe that we have a responsibility to nurture and empower leaders for social change because empowered leaders then go on to inspire entire communities. Our work in developing leaders is in the provision of a multi-modal and independent business enhancement entity whose purpose is:

  1. to empower and educate our members to help them build more expansive audiences, client bases, and business opportunities for their work;
  2. to help independent businesses develop in a manner that effects positive social change; and
  3. to provide services (brand strategy, book publishing, public relations, and event planning) that deepen client outreach and audience engagement.

GBR’s success is based on the active sharing of knowledge and skills within our community to create a safe and inclusive learning space that is unique to the GBR membership. We look to our members to serve as leaders and mentors within the community and to remember where we all started in order to build from the bottom up.

We link arms with ambitious people and create success through a collaborative, supportive, and accountable environment.

At the core of all things GBR is social change.

Link arms with us as we pave new paths to a better and more expansive world.


Established in 2017 as a division of Golden Brick Road, Golden Brick Road Publishing House is a small, female owned, Canadian, boutique press created to encourage gender and cultural equality while embracing diversity. Our authors grow and diversify their careers within the subjects of health and wellness, sociology, women's studies, business, and personal development.

Boasting a unique hybrid co-author program (one of three publishing programs offered at GBRPH) that  capitalizes on the concept of “many hands make light work,” GBRPH works with our authors as partners. Thanks to the value, originality, and fresh ideas we provide our readers, GBRPH books are now available in bookstores across North America

GBRPH aims:

  1. to focus on women's leadership and empowerment because we know that a future with equal involvement of women to men in business and society paves a golden path for both genders to flourish in a new trusting and loving way
  2. to allow our authors the space to heal through the written word: the communication with the self
  3. to empower and educate our members to help them strengthen themselves and the services they provide to their clients;
  4. to develop content that effects positive social change; and
  5. to provide publishing services to our clients that deepen client outreach and audience engagement.

With 10 new books in each of our semi-annual catalogue releases, GBRPH is quickly  becoming a recognized publishing brand in a steeply competitive and canonical market. Iconoclastic, ambitious, and set to enable social innovation, GBRPH is helping our writers/partners make cultural change one book at a time.


A division of Golden Brick Road, Golden Brick Road Publishing House has been established to create opportunities for our GBRSociety members to publish their work in one of three business models. These models have been created to best extend our members’ messages to a wider public and customer base.

  1. A traditional publishing model, in which the publisher pays for all costs associated with production and garners a larger share of the profits at sale.
  2. A hybrid co-authorship model, unique to GBRPH, wherein the publisher develops a book concept and a lead author is paid to support the development of a group of co-authors, producing with these writers a complete manuscript for publication by the publisher who shares equally in the profit of sales with authors.
  3. A solo-author model, wherein the author pays for the print and a portion of production of the book to benefit from GBRPH’s highly professional publishing team and national and global distribution deals. In this model, the solo author also has equal portion of profits on the book at sales.