Golden Team

Anya-Milana Sulaver

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Anya-Milana Sulaver arrives to GBR having served as senior management in television production, a producer for both broadcast television and communications for some of Canada’s biggest brands (including Magna and Celestica), and has served as a cultural analyst for a Toronto-based brand strategy firm. It is her work as Publisher of Peeps Magazine- an award-winning media brand spanning digital, print and live events - that makes her skills set immediately relevant to GBR. Professional, forward-thinking and with a career that spans over 25 years across media, Anya-Milana is a seasoned addition to the GBR team, helping us to reshape our production process, create new business opportunities and partnership and mine the GBR family of books for projects in new media.

Sasha Ritchie

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Sasha Ritchie has been with GBR since the beginning and helped out as a contractor from time to time as she was busy working and growing her young family. After getting married and having her second daughter, she quickly learned that working outside of the home was not the right choice for her family. She outgrew her previous workplace and the timing aligned perfectly to take the opportunity to join GBR full-time as Executive Assistant. Her background is 10+ years of administration and customer service, along with years of animal welfare in a professional and personal aspect. Being goal oriented, focused on client care, and passionate to make a difference, Sasha is a natural addition to the GBR team to help with the behind the scenes tasks to help grow the company as efficiently as possible.

Team Member

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