Golden Team

Ky-Lee Hanson

Publisher | Head Of House | C.E.O.

Ky-Lee Hanson is an “ideas” person; she envisions solutions to many of the world's issues. Ky-Lee creates and executes dozens of projects at a time, and offers guidance directly to hundreds of people every week with the intention to create social change. Ky-Lee started GBR out of a need she saw for the voice movement. GBR is a growing team with 300+ authors, and is rapidly diversifying its portfolio and empire of services. Ky-Lee has formal training in business and health, but is mostly self taught. She is a multi best selling award-winning author, successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and selfless leader. She thrives on creating opportunities to help people along their journey, and she excels at it. Her success came by developing the taboo art of collaborative business, giving everyone the space to rise. Ky-Lee has an open-door policy she learned from her mom, a listening ear, and an opportunity to link arms and take you down your Golden Brick Road.

Matt Grannary

Chief Technology Officer

With over a decade of experience working in the technology industry, Matt guides GBR through the ever changing landscape of being a business and publishing house in the 21st century. From building engaging web applications to backend business infrastructure, there has been very little that Matt hasn’t worked on. GBR is dedicated to bringing our expansive community of authors together online with our proprietary business networking and e-learning platform that Matt is single handedly spearheading.

Sasha Ritchie

Executive Assistant | Financial Coordinator

Sasha Ritchie has been with GBR since the beginning and helped out as a contractor from time to time alongside a full-time position in a corporate setting where she helped that company become multi million annually, and while raising her young family. After getting married and having her second daughter, she quickly learned that working outside of the home was not the right choice for her family. She outgrew her previous workplace and the timing aligned perfectly to take the opportunity to join GBR full-time as Executive Assistant. Her background is 10+ years of administration and customer service, along with years of animal welfare in a professional and personal aspect. Being goal oriented, focused on client care, and passionate to make a difference, Sasha is a natural addition to the GBR team to help with the behind the scenes tasks to help grow the company as efficiently as possible.

Sara Gustafson

Freelance Technical and Developmental Editor

Sara Gustafson is a freelance technical and developmental editor with a passion for helping people tell their stories well. She has used her love of language to craft an editing style best described as "tough love," emphasizing proper grammar and technique while nurturing each author's unique voice. Sara comes to Golden Brick Road with ten years of editing and writing experience in a variety of fields. She is also a three-time published author with GBR. She believes strongly in the power of community and collaboration and believes that all of our stories matter.

Lola Small

Assistant Publisher

Lola is a Growth + Success Coach for women healers, leaders, and change-makers. With over 20 years of combined experience in teacher training, curriculum design, fitness teaching, event management, and empowerment coaching, Lola is passionate about helping women grow their sense of self and confidence, and to guide them to creating the life of their dreams for positive social change. Certified in Life Coaching, Health + Wellness Coaching, and Personal Training, she leads a powerhouse of women in business through FemCity, an international community dedicated to helping women succeed in business and life, and is a co-founder of Women On Fire, a global platform to empower women to rise and thrive. Lola is a published author with Golden Bricks Road Publishing House and leads transformative events and retreats around the world. Ever since being introduced to GBR in 2018, Lola has loved the mission and values GBR brings to the world and is dedicated to helping spread the GBR energy through social media engagement. Originally from Taiwan, Oregon, and Vancouver, BC, Lola currently lives in Hamilton, Ontario with her husband and son.

Erin Montgomery

Erin Montgomery

Public Relations and Media Outreach

Erin is a journalism graduate turned PR and Media specialist. With over 10 years experience in the media industry Erin is able to provide valuable insight in helping our authors receive media coverage for their books, book in person events and secure reviews for their upcoming publications both online and in print. Erin is also a freelance writer and a co-author on our Mama's Gotta Work book. Aside from her work with Golden Book Road Publish, she is also the editor and founder of Flourish Magazine, which is a quarterly magazine written for moms by moms. Flourish is all about real talk, no expert advice. Erin is also a single mom to three little ones and resides just outside of Hamilton, Ontario.

Angelika McKeen

Angelika McKeen


“Ang” offers her technical editing skills with formal training in copy editing and provides a unique ability to tune into each writer’s intention through her passion for language and linguistics. Her focus is to make sure each person’s writing style is respected, while helping them to express their thoughts with eloquence. She loves the opportunity to be a part of a collective community of storytellers from various backgrounds, which is the reason she gladly joined Golden Brick Road Publishing House. In addition to her editing and business experience, she holds a double major in English and Japanese Studies, as well as a minor in French. She understands the complexities of telling a story through a multi-cultural and multi-lingual experience. She, herself is a Canadian immigrant, raised in Sweden by Polish parents.

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