Grow Where You Are Planted (Preorder Summer 2022)

Grow Where You Are Planted (Preorder Summer 2022)

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Grow Where You Are Planted: Exploring Horticulture in Times of Crisis

Humans have always turned to horticulture and gardening in times of crisis. Through wars, pandemics, and natural disasters, we find hope in the promise of revitalization through crop production. Grow Where You Are Planted provides an anthropological look at how humans predictably turn to food production and gardening in times of social stress and economic uncertainty.

With climate change ever-looming, many of us strive to find alternative ways to achieve food independence. We’re moving away from big box grocery stores, factory-farmed meats, and unsustainable food transportation systems by turning to community gardening, sustainable growing practices, and optimizing available growing space, like rooftop gardens and vertical growing technologies. We are again seeing a resurgent interest in growing our own food in sustainable and independent ways.

Using an erudite mix of in-depth research and storytelling, this book proposes an innovative approach toward obtaining food security. By encouraging the cultivation of species endemic to Canada, Grow Where You Are Planted affirms a radical new course for the future of food.

Written by Kristin Topping

Kristin Topping is the recipient of the prestigious Prince’s Trust International, Aga Khan Foundation Group Award, and a twenty-two-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, where she achieved success as an engineer, academic, and educator. She retired in July 2020, opening Sweetlife Flora, an e-commerce shop featuring rare and exotic plants. Her first book, Propagated from the Ashes, a Canadian Book Excellence Awards finalist, chronicled her recovery from a significant brain injury that shifted her life’s direction, focus, and purpose. Kristin promotes the use of Mindful Horticulture® as a self-care technique. During the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, she and her husband transformed their land, south of Arnprior, Ontario, into an edible oasis. They are currently working to create a community “incubation farm” to encourage and educate those interested in growing food for their families.

Publishing date: June 7, 2022

ISBN Paperback: 9781989819258 

ISBN Ebook: 9781989819265 

Trim Size: 5.5x8.5

Page Count: 240

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Keywords:  horticulture, alternative gardening, pandemic, war, victory garden, garden, food production, food security, edible plants, crisis, food insecurity

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