Lighting The North (pre-order)

Lighting The North (pre-order)

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Lighting The North: An Anthology of Feminism and Cultural Diversity from Across the Nation

Canada thrives as a diverse country with a very unique culture. Lighting The North will help shed light on equality, freedom, and what it means to be a woman in Canada. The struggles and unrecognized achievements we face as women are just as present today as they were in the past. The Women of the North share their secrets to their successes, the spirited stories of their failures, as well as incredible tips and insights for thriving in our multicultural country. Are you a born and raised Canadian? Are you indigenous to this land? A newcomer to Canada? Do you hear stories of your elders’ fight for this land, or their journey to relocate to Canada? This book illustrates the diverse search for identity and belonging each woman faces and the collective spirit she is building among her Northern sisters,, the day-to-day grind, and the behind closed doors secrets we face in our nation.

Coauthors: Ky-Lee Hanson | Charleyne Oulton | Crystal Hardy | Eldyka Simpson | Karen Swyszcz | Nadia Dedic | Sasha Rose | Shirin Sabir

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