P.I.V.O.T. (pre-order)

P.I.V.O.T. (pre-order)

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P.I.V.O.T.: Five Practices To Strategize and Support You Through Change 

Are you tired of hoping for a new way? Or keeping your fingers crossed that everything is going to stay the same? In this book we are going to play with the ideal and notion that CHANGE IS NOT COMING, IT IS HERE! Over the period of five weeks we will explore the five main distinctions of the PIVOT concept: Perspective, Intuition, Vision, Obstacles and Tactics. Similar to how we train our muscles through working out, we will train our mind to develop habits that will support us to thrive in our forever changing environments. Thrive and be the best version of you through each and every pivot.

Written by: Pauline Caballero

Shipping from within Canada and the USA.

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