Vignettes Of A Pianist (pre-order)

Vignettes Of A Pianist (pre-order)

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Vignettes of a Pianist: Untold Melodies of a Musician’s Journey

Growing up, Megan Yim thought everyone had to learn piano. She was raised in an environment where weekly lessons and daily practicing were as expected as eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But the years have revealed to Megan that the gift of music is exactly that: a gift. It is a luxury and a privilege that not everyone has access to: hearing it, learning it, but most of all sharing it. 

What does being a classically trained musician mean? What are the responsibilities? The duties? In Vignettes of a Pianist, Megan retells and recreates the moments that are felt behind the scenes, the ones that are not applauded or awarded. Moments that most individuals forget, or they may not even have knowledge of; the walk up to the stage before a performance, the wait outside the examination room, or the drive to a piano lesson you did not practice for. Sit back and begin to feel and understand the stories of a musician. 

To play and create classical music is a gift to be cherished and shared, and Megan hopes she can share hers.

Written by: Megan Yim

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